• MBRP Exhaust for 2022 Silverado / Sierra 1500 Catback

    MBRP Exhaust for 2022 Silverado / Sierra 1500 Catback

    For those with the new 2022 Silverado and Sierra, you don’t want to blend in with the other hundreds of thousands of trucks on the road. What better way to stand out than to let the 6.2 V8 sing with this new catback exhaust from MBRP.

    Designed as a 3″ exhaust that splits into 2.5″, this catback exhaust fits the 2022+ Silverado and Sierra 1500 with the 6.2L V8 and 4×4 configurations. The MBRP Armor Pro series catback exhaust is T304 stainless steel and features a lifetime warranty.

    This exhaust is just loud enough that it won’t annoy you on the freeway with drone, but has depth and deepness to give your truck the V8 sound you love.

    Available now at your favorite dealer.

    We’d love to hear your reviews! Do you have this exhaust? Please share with our readers your review on how it sounds, how it fits and if you noticed any horsepower or torque gain (if you dyno’d the truck even better!).

  • Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Baffled Oil Catch Can by Mishimoto

    Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Baffled Oil Catch Can by Mishimoto

    The Corvette C8 is the darling of the automotive aftermarket because of the incredible platform and potential the vehicle has to be a world dominating super car. As enthusiasts begin to modify the power output of the Corvette C8, either naturally aspirated or via forced induction such as a turbo or supercharger, there are certain aftermarket performance parts that need to be added that keep the vehicle reliable rather than just producing more power.

    Introducing the Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch can in stunning carbon fiber.

    This carbon fiber oil catch can is a direct fit for the 2020+ Corvette C8 and has a cylone baffle that is designed using computation fluid dynamics for maximum air-oil separation, preventing oil buildup in your intake system.

    What does Mishimoto have to say about their Carbon Fiber Baffled Oil Catch Can for the Corvette C8?

    The 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Coupe, and the LT2 V8 under its hood, are the result of nearly 70 years and eight generations of technical evolution. It’s that long evolution that lets the LT2 crank out 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. But no matter how many years of heritage the C8 has behind it, it can’t outgrow one fundamental issue: blow-by.

    The LT2 shares the same direct-injection fuel system adopted by its predecessor, the LT1. While direct-injection is fundamental to the LT2s performance, it’s also what leaves it open to carbon buildup and detonation caused by blow-by. Without fuel washing over the intake valves, oil and carbon can build up, preventing proper combustion and robbing your C8 Corvette of power. Luckily, Mishimoto has the solution to protecting your Corvette’s LT2 and keep it running strong for generations to come.

    This direct-fit catch can kit diverts oil, fuel, water, and carbon away from the engine’s intake and valves to help prevent carbon buildup and misfires. This catch can features large ports to let your 6.2L V8 breathe, while the internal cyclone baffle and filter ensure the LT2 inhales nothing but clean air. The 7.4-fluid ounce carbon fiber catch can is supported by a 3mm-thick steel bracket that mounts the can in an easy to access location for ease of service. Our innovative carbon fiber catch can is constructed from 3K twill weave carbon, resulting in a lightweight design sure to enhance your engine bay. This kit includes two direct-fit hoses with pre-installed quick-disconnects to make installation a breeze. Each hose is protected with an abrasion guard to prevent any damage from chafing in the tight confines of the C8 engine compartment.

    Like all of our catch can kits, this 2020+ Chevrolet C8 Corvette Coupe Direct-fit Carbon Fiber Catch Can Kit is backed by the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty for a lifetime of protection.


    • Direct fit for 2020+ Chevrolet C8 Corvette Coupe
    • Innovative carbon fiber baffled oil catch can reduces weight and improves engine bay aesthetics
    • Cyclone baffle designed using computation fluid dynamics for maximum air-oil separation
    • Includes direct-fit hoses with pre-installed quick-disconnect fittings
    • Durable 3mm thick steel bracket mounts the catch can out of the way of other engine components and isolates it from engine vibration
    • Catch can captures blow-by, preventing it from fouling the engine oil
    • 1/4-turn catch can bottom makes emptying and servicing a breeze
    • Installs in under an hour
    • Internal components are washable and reusable for a lifetime of protection from blow-by
    • 7.4oz capacity for longer service intervals
    • Protects intake valves from power-robbing carbon buildup
    • High-flow filter adds extra layer of protection without affecting PCV/CCV pressures
    • Abrasion guard on lines prevents wear, damage, and vacuum leaks
    • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • Mishimoto Oil Cooler for BMW E60 M5 / E63 M6 / E64 M6 (2006-2010)

    Mishimoto Oil Cooler for BMW E60 M5 / E63 M6 / E64 M6 (2006-2010)

    The 2006-2010 BMW E60 M5 combines the spacious practicality of a four-door sedan with a naturally aspirated V10 powerplant producing a hypnotic soundtrack of intake/exhaust noise. But after over a decade of use, some of the E60’s components have begun to show their age. The factory engine oil cooler is a common leak point on the E60, typically from failed O-rings or cracked weld points. In addition, the location of the front-mounted cooler increases the chance of damage from road debris and general clogging of external fins, resulting in reduced cooling efficiency. That, combined with the high-strung engine and hefty chassis, means oil temperatures tend to rise during aggressive driving. That’s why our engineering team set out to remedy both issues with this performance oil cooler.

    Drawing on our vast experience with BMW’s and the latest in engineering tools, our team was able to create a direct-fit replacement oil cooler with substantial improvements in both durability and cooling efficiency. The Mishimoto Performance Oil Cooler features a robust bar-and-plate core, which provides improved durability and aids in heat rejection. Our core utilizes a strategic fin design which provides a 41% increase in external fin surface area and a 30% increase in internal fin surface area to help draw heat out of the oil and dissipate it into the air. Our oil cooler features CNC-machined inlet/outlet ports and includes new OEM O-rings for a seamless and leak-free installation. This cooler is finished in a silver powder coat, ensuring long term durability and corrosion resistance. And, as with all our BMW performance products, this oil cooler includes our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.


    (1) Mishimoto Performance Oil Cooler
    (2) Oil Line O-rings
    Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


    • Fits 2006-2010 BMW E60 M5 / E63 M6 / E64 M6*
    • Replaces failure-prone factory oil cooler and provides improved cooling performance
    • 40.3% increase in core volume for efficient cooling
    • Robust bar-and-plate core provides improved pressure tolerance and durability
    • 41% increase in external fin surface area for improved heat transfer
    • 30% increase in internal fin surface area draws heat out of oil quickly and efficiently
    • CNC-machined inlet/outlet mates perfectly with stock oil cooler lines
    • Includes OEM oil line O-rings
    • Durable silver powder coated finish provides optimal corrosion resistance
    • Patent Pending
    • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • Carbon Fiber Backpacks by Seibon

    Carbon Fiber Backpacks by Seibon

    What do you get for the enthusiast who has everything?

    This is a common question when trying to buy a gift, such as a birthday gift, Christmas gift or graduation gift for someone who is an enthusiast of automotive performance. A great neutral gift that is likely not something they have already is one of these ultra cool carbon fiber backpacks, made by SEIBON.

    SEIBON is known for creating some of the nicest and best priced carbon fiber components such as carbon fiber hoods, carbon fiber trucks and other carbon fiber accessories. Now they have something ultra cool – a carbon fiber hard shell backpack.

    These SEIBON carbon fiber backpacks are 21 inches tall and 14 inches wide and have an anti slip handle. Adjustable straps with zippers make them practical for every day use and definitely gives you an edge in the “not-so-common” backpack department.

    These SEIBON Carbon Fiber backpacks are available in blue, red and standard black carbon fiber.

  • Black Flagged – Who and What Are We?

    Black Flagged – Who and What Are We?

    Welcome to BlackFlagged.com!

    For a long time, I have been wanting to start an automotive media site. After many years of thinking about it, I decided to just go for it. Let me tell you a bit about myself and my new venture!

    So by Black Flagged?

    The definition of “Black Flagged” is motorsports related. Simply put, on a race track, when someone doesn’t follow the rules, drives crazy or is otherwise wanted off of the race track, the track officials wave a black flag at them to tell them to exit the race track. This is called getting “Black Flagged”. I thought it was a fun and perfect name for an automotive media site, so here we are!

    My goal is to grow this site to be a fun destination for automotive content and a fun place to check daily to see what’s new in the all encompassing world of automotive. I always liked clean, simple and minimalist websites and I will carry that tradition with BlackFlagged.com

    I plan on growing Black Flagged in multiple different ways and am excited for what’s in store.

    I hope you subscribe to our newsletter, bookmark our site and follow us on social media – thanks for reading!

  • CSF Mercedes-Benz W212 E63 / W218 CLS63 AMG Heat Exchanger & M157 Auxiliary Radiators

    CSF Mercedes-Benz W212 E63 / W218 CLS63 AMG Heat Exchanger & M157 Auxiliary Radiators

    CSF is excited to announce the newest additions to further expand on our full line of Mercedes-Benz AMG cooling products with the E63/CLS63 Heat Exchanger (CSF #8197) & M157 Auxiliary Radiators (CSF #8198)!

    CSF is kicking off the new year with two new additions to their growing Mercedes-Benz AMG cooling product lineup – M157 Auxiliary Radiators and a Front Mount Heat Exchanger for the E63, CLS 63, and more.

    Two new part numbers!
    • E63/CLS63 High-Performance Front Mount Heat Exchanger (CSF #8197)
    • M157 High-Performance All-Aluminum Auxiliary Radiators (CSF #8198)

    If you’ve been following along with CSF’s products, you’ll see that they emerged in the AMG market with their W205 C63 AMG Heat Exchanger – it quickly became a #1 seller, so they took its momentum and created a full Mercedes-Benz AMG cooling line. CSF has mastered the charge-air cooling system, like the one found in new AMG models. The system features a water circuit that flows through the vehicle’s charge cooler(s) and a heat exchanger, which uses the water to cool the compressed air.

    Upgrading to a larger, more efficient Heat Exchanger effects the entire rest of the charge-air cooling system – lowering IATs (intake air temperatures), thus creating cooler, denser air for increased power and an improvement in heat soak reduction.

    • 1 Row, 23mm Super-High Efficiency Core w/ CSF’s Exclusive B-Tube Technology
    • Over 40% More Tubes Than The OEM Heat Exchanger, Resulting in a Core Efficiency With Over 300% Increase in Flow Area and Twice the Cooling Performance
    • Ultra-Efficient, 5mm Tall Multi-Louvered Fins for Maximum Surface Area Contact
    • 100% All-Aluminum TIG-Welded Construction
    • Individually Leak and Pressure Tested
    • CNC Machined Brackets and Fittings
    • Integrated All-Aluminum Race Style Bleeder Screw
    • 1 Hour “Mirror Finish” Hand Polish
    • True “Drop-in Fit” Requires No Modifications to Install

    Part Number: CSF #8197
    OEM: #197-500-01-03
    Pricing: MSRP $629.00 USD / MAP $599.00 USD
    Fitment: Mercedes Benz

    • 2012-2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG 5.5L V8 (W218)
    • 2014-2018 Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG S 5.5L V8 (W218)
    • 2012-2016 Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG Sedan 5.5L V8 (W212)
    • 2014-2016 Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG S Sedan 5.5L V8 (W212)
    • 2012-2014 Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG Wagon 5.5L V8 (W212)
    • 2014-2016 Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG S Wagon 5.5L V8 (W212)
    • 2013-2019 Mercedes Benz SL 63 AMG Convertible 5.5L V8 (W231)
    • 2013-2019 Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG Convertible 5.5L V8 (W231)
    • 2011-2015 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupe 6.3L V8 (W197)
    • 2012-2015 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Convertible 6.3L V8 (W197)

    CSF’s High-Performance Auxiliary Radiators work in conjunction with the rest of the cooling system to reduce temperatures. They not only help keep temperatures in optimal ranges, prolonging the heat soak threshold, but also can be utilized as the heat exchange medium for the charge cooling system. 

    The included, detachable rock guard offers protection against the build-up of debris, as well as possible core punctures – unlike the OEM auxiliary radiators, which have little protection against the elements.

    • 2-Row 68mm High-Performance Core w/ CSF’s Exclusive B-Tube Technology vs (OEM 1-row 42mm core) – The Industry’s Highest Capacity Offering!
    • Ultra-Efficient, 6.5mm Tall Multi-Louvered Fins for Maximum Surface Area Contact
    • 100% All-Aluminum TIG-Welded Construction
    • Individually Leak and Pressure Tested
    • CNC Machined Mounting Brackets and OEM Style “Quick Connect” Inlet/Outlet
    • 1 Hour “Mirror Finish” Hand Polish
    • Includes Detachable Rock Guard
    • Multi-Fit – Fits Both Left & Right Side (Sold Individually)
    • True “Drop-in Fit” Requires No Modifications to Install

    Part Number: CSF #8198 (Sold Individually – some applications require 2 auxiliary radiators)
    OEM: #099-500-32-03
    Pricing: MSRP $599.00 USD / MAP $549.00 USD (Sold Individually)
    Fitment: Mercedes Benz

  • Add Rostra cruise control to your Ford Maverick Truck

    Add Rostra cruise control to your Ford Maverick Truck

    The all-new 2022 Ford Maverick provides unparalleled utility in a small form factor truck that can meet the needs of almost everyone with a cost at, or near, $20,000. The XL model of this truck, though, ships without cruise control functionality. If you’ve decided that the XL trim level is the one for you and you don’t want to invest the nearly $2,000-$4,000 premium for the XLT or Lariat model, then look no further than Rostra part numbers 250-9661 anf 250-9661-NS for adding cruise control features to your new Maverick.

    Rostra makes it easy to add cruise control to your Ford Maverick

    Rostra’s 250-9661 electronic cruise control system allows installers to quickly and easily add cruise control functionality to the 2022 Ford Maverick XL. Each kit includes a left-hand mount stalk-style control switch, custom interface module with vehicle-specific firmware, accelerator pedal interface t-harness, OBD-II interface harness, and control switch extension harnesses. Installation Time Estimate: 1.5 Hours

    Product Specs and Features:

    • Stylish left-hand mount control stalk
    • All-electronic operation
    • Discrete control module and wiring
    • Set the speed at the touch of a button
    • Tap-Up, 1 MPH per tap
    • Tap-Down, 1 MPH per tap
    • Resume previously-set speed after cancel
    • Controlled resume rate
    • Long-term memory *
    • Voluntary speed-limiting *

    * 250-9661-NS only.

  • Godspeed Audi RS3 & S3 Air Suspension – Cheap Alternative

    Godspeed Audi RS3 & S3 Air Suspension – Cheap Alternative

    Godspeed Project’s Mono-AIR Strut Kit includes both front and rear struts that works with most air management system out in the market. Mono-AIR features mono-tube shock with 32 stages of rebound damping adjustments that allows you to control suspension return to proper position rapidly or slowly depends on driving condition. High quality rubber air bags are used in replace of springs that allows easy ride height adjustment, stainless steel fittings included. Due to the importance of rubber air bag role in the suspensions kit, high quality rubber material are used to withstand from drying out and cracking result in longer life when compared to cheap rubber material. Godspeed air struts are designed to be easy installation that should requires no modifications to your car or parts.


    • Mono-tube Shock With Anodized Finish Shock Body
    • 32 Levels Of Rebound Damping Settings
    • High Quality Rubber Air Bags With Stainless Steel Fittings
    • Aluminum And Carbon Steel Hardware
    • 52 MM Shock Body For Thick Performance Piston
    • Race Spec Shock Oil With High Viscosity Index
    • Factory Style Mounting For Simple Bolt On Installation
    • Works With Most Air Management Systems On The Market(Sold Separately)
    • G1/8 and(or) G1/4 Connectors are Included; Fits 8 mm O.D. pneumatic tubing./li>


    • 2 X Front Air Struts Assemblies
    • 2 X REAR Air Struts Assemblies
    • G1/8 and(or) G1/4 Fittings
    • Tool Kit Including Spanner Wrenches And Damping Adjustment Knobs