Carbon Fiber Backpacks by Seibon

What do you get for the enthusiast who has everything?

This is a common question when trying to buy a gift, such as a birthday gift, Christmas gift or graduation gift for someone who is an enthusiast of automotive performance. A great neutral gift that is likely not something they have already is one of these ultra cool carbon fiber backpacks, made by SEIBON.

SEIBON is known for creating some of the nicest and best priced carbon fiber components such as carbon fiber hoods, carbon fiber trucks and other carbon fiber accessories. Now they have something ultra cool – a carbon fiber hard shell backpack.

These SEIBON carbon fiber backpacks are 21 inches tall and 14 inches wide and have an anti slip handle. Adjustable straps with zippers make them practical for every day use and definitely gives you an edge in the “not-so-common” backpack department.

These SEIBON Carbon Fiber backpacks are available in blue, red and standard black carbon fiber.

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