Mishimoto Oil Cooler for BMW E60 M5 / E63 M6 / E64 M6 (2006-2010)

The 2006-2010 BMW E60 M5 combines the spacious practicality of a four-door sedan with a naturally aspirated V10 powerplant producing a hypnotic soundtrack of intake/exhaust noise. But after over a decade of use, some of the E60’s components have begun to show their age. The factory engine oil cooler is a common leak point on the E60, typically from failed O-rings or cracked weld points. In addition, the location of the front-mounted cooler increases the chance of damage from road debris and general clogging of external fins, resulting in reduced cooling efficiency. That, combined with the high-strung engine and hefty chassis, means oil temperatures tend to rise during aggressive driving. That’s why our engineering team set out to remedy both issues with this performance oil cooler.

Drawing on our vast experience with BMW’s and the latest in engineering tools, our team was able to create a direct-fit replacement oil cooler with substantial improvements in both durability and cooling efficiency. The Mishimoto Performance Oil Cooler features a robust bar-and-plate core, which provides improved durability and aids in heat rejection. Our core utilizes a strategic fin design which provides a 41% increase in external fin surface area and a 30% increase in internal fin surface area to help draw heat out of the oil and dissipate it into the air. Our oil cooler features CNC-machined inlet/outlet ports and includes new OEM O-rings for a seamless and leak-free installation. This cooler is finished in a silver powder coat, ensuring long term durability and corrosion resistance. And, as with all our BMW performance products, this oil cooler includes our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.


(1) Mishimoto Performance Oil Cooler
(2) Oil Line O-rings
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


  • Fits 2006-2010 BMW E60 M5 / E63 M6 / E64 M6*
  • Replaces failure-prone factory oil cooler and provides improved cooling performance
  • 40.3% increase in core volume for efficient cooling
  • Robust bar-and-plate core provides improved pressure tolerance and durability
  • 41% increase in external fin surface area for improved heat transfer
  • 30% increase in internal fin surface area draws heat out of oil quickly and efficiently
  • CNC-machined inlet/outlet mates perfectly with stock oil cooler lines
  • Includes OEM oil line O-rings
  • Durable silver powder coated finish provides optimal corrosion resistance
  • Patent Pending
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

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